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Two blogs in one day. Being a consumer sucks.

So about two years ago I bought my wife a phone on T-Mobile. When I bought it, they verbally assured me I could change the rate plan without entering a new two year contract. So this June, I did change it.

Can you see the punchline coming? Apparently when I did this I signed a new contract. I thought I checked to make sure I didn't, but I can hardly document that. In any case, my original contract was signed with the understanding I could change my rate plan later on. Which, apparently, I couldn't. Why? According a T-Mobile CSR:

~XXXX X: You are not able to make a rate plan change without renewing your contract.
~XXXX X: I do understand where you are coming from Erik, this was a recent change made at the corporate level this summer.

Does this seem like fraud to anyone else? Changing the terms of my original contract signed ages ago. Wish there was a mobile compaany with decent coverage who isn't entirely evil.
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