ewtroan (ewtroan) wrote,

HP and Brother Printers

Been a while since I posted, but I had to share this.

My old HP multifunction at home finally gave up the ghost. After five years or so of service I don't have a lot to complain about really. Printing hasn't worked since I tried use generic print cartridges, but it made a fine scanner until it's networking just got really flaky, and then it stopped turning on.

I bought an HP8500A with high expectations. Rather than the cobbled together, hplip dependent scripts I hacked together for scanning to a PDF from the command line, this one had a web UI which would let you scan from the feeder (and was the major selling point). 24 hours later, UPS brought it from Amazon to my doorstep.

I set it up last night, and had nothing but problems. The web interface gave me blank PDFs (no matter which way I turned the paper!) and the document feeder realized it was loaded less than half the time. It wouldn't recognize an 8g USB stick (which has only been in a Windows machine, so Linux didn't mess it up!), and when I finally got the ADF to scan to an SD card the pages went all over the floor as it scanned. Google showed that the ADF and web UI problems are quite common, and have been for a year. Needless to say, I packed it up and dropped it off at the UPS store this morning thinking nice things about Amazon's return policy.

On the way though, I stopped at Staples and picked up a Brother MFC-J825dw. Without touching a Windows box, it's now sitting behind me and will happily scan documents directly to my google docs account as pdfs. It's supposed to connect to evernote, dropbox, picasa... probably others. It really just worked as advertised and was a lot quicker to set up and initialize than the HP was. It also turns on faster, and takes up less space. I haven't tried printing yet (I have a Color LaserJet for that so I really don't care much about printing except for photos, which my wife does from Windows) but so far, kudos to Brother. It would take a lot for me to buy another HP printer after this.
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