ewtroan (ewtroan) wrote,

Addicted to Kindle

My name is Erik and I have am addicted to my Kindle.

The realization hit me this morning. I've been reading a pulpy 12 book or so sci fi series. My wife suggested it when I had strep throat as an easy read, and the books are fun, quick to read, and mindless enough to work well when I've been traveling. Oh, and they're all available on the Kindle.

Now, my wife owns most of these as trade paperbacks. That didn't stop me from buying them for the Kindle though. I could finish a book, turn on the wireless, and start the next one from the comfort (hah!) of an airport chair. I didn't have to shove a couple of paperbacks into my laptop bag, just the Kindle. Nevertheless, I now see that buying books we already owned was the first sign of addiction.

This morning I discovered that only the first 7 (or so) books are available on the Kindle. The rest of the series is not. Now, my wife does indeed own the rest. The true sign of my addiction is that I strongly suspect I won't read them. It's just too much trouble to read an actual book.

Now understand that we have piles of bookshelves full of dead trees. When we finished our attice, we lined a room with bookshelves and we've almost filled those up.

But jeez reading that way seems like a lot of trouble.
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