ewtroan (ewtroan) wrote,

36" of snow

I spent the weekend, and Monday, and some of Tuesday, in the Virginia mountains. It's only about 3500' above sea level and really doesn't get that much snow. This weeks storm was a complete exception though. We made it up after a harrowing drive through driving snow (plows and salt were no match for it), and woke up to about two feet of snow on the ground. The snow kept falling until the early evening, for a total of around three feet. That is a lot of snow.

The driving wind kept up for a few more hours, and we woke up to clear skies on Sunday morning. We also woke up to massive snow drifts. Think six foot high snow drifts about four feet thick. My driveway was completely drifted in (which mattered very little given the condition of the roads). Fortunately, most of the people I was with were skiers and had easy slope access (where easy means trudging through waist high drifts for about ten feet).

Eventually we had to get to work on the driveway though. The driveway is heated, so the parts which weren't covered by drifts stayed somewhat clear. Here's a picture of what the rest looked like (the angle makes the drifts look a little smaller than they were; the tops were easily above my Mom's head).

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