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hfield wi-fire adapter

A couple of weeks ago I was killing some time while watching a long commit run by browsing either Engadget or Gizmodo. They mentioned a device called the Wi-Fire from hfield, which is an external USB wifi adapter which was supposed to work at long distances. They were incredibly skeptical about the lightweight, cheap feeling adapter until they tried it. Once they gave it a run they couldn't say enough good things about the $59 gizmo.

I immediately thought about my mountain house. There is no connectivity where I am despite ample connectivity in the resort's buildings. I could see a connection (most of the time) but never get an address, and there are no broadband providers. I figured for $59, what the heck.

Got it, it worked under Linux, and it definitely showed more networks at my primary house than the built in Intel stuff did. It even let me connect to the one unsecured network I saw (other than my own!). Not bad, so I put it aside until my next mountain weekend.

Well, it's the weekend now and I'm in the mountains. The first thing I did (much to my wife's annoyance!) was turn on the laptop, plug in the Wi-fire, and point it toward to log. To my pleasure I got an IP address and I'm writing this blog post through the device. I'm happy to say this is one inexpensive device the works as advertised. Nice job hfield! I'm only getting 700kbps, but I'm almost positive that's the fault of the lodge's wifi, not the Wi-Fire. I'll try and test in the lodge sometime to verify that, but it's never been all that quick.

Oh, between getting the device and getting to the house to try it Verizon sent me a bulk mailing saying that broadband is now available at the mountain house. 1Mb for $20/month. Oh well.
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